Sunterra Keynote Market

200 12 Ave. S.E


Order: Calabrese sausage and mushroom ($6.99). A nine-inch individual-sized thin-crust pizza topped with spicy calabrese sausage field mushrooms and roasted red peppers.

Crust: Overall it’s a decent thin crust but mine could have been cooked longer so that the underside was crispier. That’s just my personal preference so if you enjoy crispier ends with some droop towards the middle you’ll certainly enjoy this crust.

Sauce: It was practically non-existent and what little sauce there was on the outer edges was blast-dried by the oven’s heat. The remainder hidden underneath the toppings was easily forgettable.

Toppings: The calabrese sausage came in an ‘X’ pattern rather than being evenly distributed. It was a curious choice but the way the pizza was cut ensured most slices had a share of the meat. The mushrooms and red peppers — well that’s a different story. In total there were about a dozen tiny mushroom pieces and even less red peppers. Only one out of six slices actually managed to have a decent ratio of toppings on it.

Dining options: Dine in or takeout.

Decision: While I try not to put too much emphasis on price for the money this is a decent pizza. The overall quality isn’t terrible and with a few tweaks — crispier crusts and better distribution of toppings — it could be even better. This pizza gets three out of six slices.

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