Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist


Even though we’re all aging at the same clip Perry Farrell just doesn’t seem all that cool anymore.

Despite a terrific sounding and well-produced comeback The Great Escape Artist lacks the gut-level urgency and ultimately the importance of ’90s landmarks such as Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual .

An unfair comparison to be sure but if years and the rockstar lifestyle have curtailed the hunger of Farrell Navarro and co. at least the guitar-driven groove-laden bursts “Ultimate Reason” “Broken People” and “Underground” recall better days than the aimless plodding of “Curiosity Kills” “I’ll Hit You Back” and “End to the Lies.”

Although the album ends on a high with the furious and tuneful “Words Right Out of My Mouth” listeners will only be left with the feeling that this has all been done by this very band before — and done much better.