Re: Bike Issue Cover June 6 2013

I was at a local coffee shop and I noticed two women walking by a table and as they walked by they said “that’s sick” or something to that effect. I was curious as to what they were talking about so later after getting my coffee I walked by and realized they were talking about the cover photo of the June issue of Fast Forward Weekly showing the testicles (“ Bike Issue ” June 6 2013).

Just wanted to commend you on your choice of photo for the FFWD cover. I’m sure it took a lot of creativity and thought to come up with the photo with such intrinsic value to it. Sure you could have chosen an image that might speak to people in an uplifting way an image with quality or some meaning but I see you took the easy path that so many trashy magazines take and chose an image that is quite crude and would provide the “shock value” you crave but I guess these are the type of people your magazine wants to target. All the best.

— Lorne