Have you been Corbella’d?

We’ve certainly had our share of fun with the Calgary Herald editorial pages — from Naomi Lakritz bemoaning the act of walking to well just Barry Cooper and more — but Calgarian Tyler Hellard has taken the step of creating a site dedicated to mocking the right-leaning opinion pages .

The site called Corbella’d even offers a definition of its newly minted verb-name: "Corbella’d — The act of reading a Calgary Herald editorial and immediately regretting it. ‘I’ve just been Corbella’d. Ugh.’ Named for Licia Corbella."

For those who don’t know Corbella is not only a Herald columnist but the editor of the opinion pages. She’s taken flak over the years for her obsession with Muslims and honour killings her suggestion that Vancouver’s Insite clinic killed Glee star Cory Monteith (since removed but still available in Internet land) and so much more.

Want to check out some of the highlights from the Herald’s opinion pages? Click through Corbella’d and enjoy.