Dave Kelly Live will pay tribute to the dads in your world

Before Wednesday night’s special Father’s Day show, host gives us a list of the Top 5 things he wants this year.

Dave Kelly is a father.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The man has procreated and is responsible for the health, well-being and upbringing of two small children — John, 6, and Tess, aged 4.

And on Wednesday night, he’ll pay tribute to other father figures with a special season closer of his live talk show — Dave Kelly Live — which will be devoted to all things dad.

Dave Kelly
Proud papa Dave Kelly and his daughter Tess.

Guests for the evening include singer George Canyon, Manjit Minhas from Dragons’ Den and her father, and house band The Flat Whites, as well as a special edition of Jim Button’s bucket list.

Attendees have also been asked to send in pictures of their dads and husbands, which will be projected on a screen throughout the show.

“It’s not so much that dad’s are, ‘Hey, it’s about time they had a party for me,’ ” Kelly says of the 13th edition of the show.

“It’s more people saying, ‘Phew, I don’t have to do any more shopping, I’ve got my Father’s Day present figured out.’ ”

And while that will help you out — tickets for the show at Theatre Junction Grand are still available — prior to Wednesday night, we asked the host and proud papa what he, himself, would like this Father’s Day.

Here’s his Top 5, with one of them already taken care of.

1. Sleep: “If John could somehow sleep past 6 a.m. — that would be amazing.”

2. Calm: “If Tess could choose somewhere other than the mall for meltdowns.”

3. Unplugged: “If they could last more than 20 seconds without asking for the iPad. From the moment John gets up, it’s nothing but a negotiation to get the iPad to play games on it.”

4. Peace: “They’re at that age where they’re always fighting. If I could broker a lasting peace accord between them that would be great.”

5. Cup runneth over: “The fact that the Penguins won was such a sigh of relief because Game 7 was at 6 p.m. on Wednesday … I would have been sitting there with a bunch of grumpy men going, ‘Why the hell am I here? I want to watch the game.’ ”

Dave Kelly Live takes place Wednesday night at Theatre Junction Grand.