Win a pair of tickets to the Blues and Brews event at the King Eddy

Enter to win entrance into this special event in the Studio Bell venue featuring music by a pair of Alberta artists, food and local craft beers.

Blues. Brews.

If you have one, you need the other.

Our friends over at the National Music Centre get that.

It’s why they’re holding a special event at the King Eddy in their East Village home of Studio Bell this Thursday, July 6, as a kickoff to their amazing Bell Live series, which is running at the Eddy through the duration of this year’s Calgary Stampede.

The Blues and Brews event will feature performances by local legend Tim Williams and Edmonton’s marvellous Kat Danser, as well as “a sneak peek of some of the local Alberta craft brews and food items” that will be served at the Eddy during Bell Live.

Guess what?

They’ve been kind enough to give us two pairs of tickets to this fantastic evening and we’re going to turn around and give them right back to you.

Sound good?

All you have to do is head to our Facebook page, like us, and comment under this posting telling us one of the acts that is performing a Bell Live show over the 10 days. The information is readily available on theYYSCENE so it’s a pretty easy way to get yourself in the door of Blues and Brews for free.

As time is tight, we’ll pick two winners at random and let them know via direct message by noon on Thursday, July 6. If you’re entering, please make sure you can use them.

Thanks and good luck!