Sonic Unyon

Some days when you look in the mirror you know you’re looking good. On those days you have a different way about you and the sort of swagger that can only be accompanied by a very specific type of music. Artanker Convoy is that music.

Cozy Endings the funk-jazz collective’s second album practically pushes air thick with smoke and machismo out of your speakers. A bit like the soundtrack to your favourite independent film and a lot like a more polished version of the Beastie Boys going instrumental Cozy Endings is the perfect backdrop for dirty people to do dirty things.

The band’s sound is heavy with bass ’70s keyboards and saxophone that would feel right at home on a street corner in Harlem. This is the soundtrack from Dolemite being played in an opium den jazz played with the kind of looseness that only the tightest units can accomplish.

The album’s only weak moment comes at the end with a mercifully short mix of weather channel jazz and electric country instrumentals that should be skipped on every listen.

Cozy Endings also comes packaged with a collection of nine music-accompanied art/dance pieces which though largely amateur Warhol in design would make for a cool psychedelic video backdrop at parties.