‘Get balls’: Ralph Klein to students

Former premier Ralph Klein recently gave some frank advice to communications students at Mount Royal College: get balls. Speaking at a student orientation at the college September 6 Klein recalled what he learned about broadcasting in the 1970s when he worked as a reporter at CFCN (now CTV Calgary). “The allocution teacher says: In order to get resonance and in order for your voice to project you need to smoke Buckingham cigarettes” Klein said. “And sing at the top of your voice in the shower in the mornings. That was her advice. Then you get resonance and you get balls.” Klein who began his job as media chair at the college this month called journalists “lazy” and told students to dig deep for stories. “Don’t be lazy” Klein said. “Go out and find the stories because there are a multitude of stories within government. So dig.” Klein said he doesn’t read newspapers or watch TV news but will start for his new job as media chair. When asked by Fast Forward what media he currently reads and watches Klein replied without pause: “Breakfast Television. BT on CityTV. I like Tara (McCool).” As students exploded with laughter Klein added: “And movies.” Klein also said he didn’t pay attention to or even vote in the byelection in his old riding Calgary-Elbow which the Liberals took from the Conservatives in June. “I didn’t get involved and I didn’t vote” said Klein. “I probably should have.”