Latest Dane Cook vehicle another false start

Good Luck Chuck the latest attempt to turn Dane Cook into a leading man finds the comedian planted into a romantic comedy opposite Jessica Alba. If nothing else the casting proves that the studio behind the film won’t be crossing their fingers for any Oscars.

Cook plays Charlie a man who lives with the curse of being the last man that women sleep with before they meet the person they’re going to marry. It doesn’t exactly sound like a curse at first a point emphasized by an extremely long and decreasingly funny sex montage that shows Charlie in every position possible with a parade of excessively attractive women. Interestingly every single woman who is desperate to fall in love (and therefore sleep with Charlie) is impossibly hot a fact not lost on Charlie’s buddy Stu played by Dan Fogler. If this movie’s failings can be tied back to one thing it’s Stu. He’s junior high-crude never funny and is in no way believable as a person that Charlie or anyone else would ever be friends with. By about the halfway point his mere presence on screen becomes unbearably grating.

Inevitably Charlie meets Cam (Alba) and falls for her. The catch of course is that he risks losing her if he sleeps with her. The alleged hilarity that ensues isn’t exactly inspiring. In fact Cam is the only character in the film who is in any way likable as the klutzy girl who doesn’t trust Charlie and doesn’t seem to want to be a part of the film’s plot at all. Who can blame her?

Chuck has a few one-liners that will have you laughing in spite of yourself but too many jokes fall flat throughout the film and physical gags are called upon far too often. What’s most problematic about Good Luck Chuck though is that it tries to find a balance between lighthearted romantic-comedy and shock comedy which was done far better earlier this year in Knocked Up . Rather than striking the balance Chuck stumbles out of the gate and never recovers.