Les Savy Fav – Let’s Stay Friends


Besides the Inches collection of singles in 2004 Les Savy Favhave kept a low profile for the lion’s share of six years despite their charisma. The band’s last full-length album was 2001’s kinetic yet melodic Go Forth . Judging from Let’s Stay Friends the band is reshaping their sound to match the frantic chaos of their live show.

The songs on the album fall into three distinct categories — tumultuous rock singalongs northern soul and dub-inspired pieces and post-punk. “The Equestrian” slams the listener down like a ton of Marshall stacks with vocals as visceral as the band’s live show and percussion that leaves no room to breathe. “The Year Before The Year 2000” acts as a post-millennial re-evaluation of Prince’s 1999 with lyrics warning “It’s hard to keep on spending/Every night like your life is ending” over a beat that brings to mind late-’70s New York bands like Television.

This year marks Les Savy Fav’s 10th anniversary as a band. On Let’s Stay Friends they’ve perfected the formula that they started toying with back in 1997. Near the end of the album Harrington repeats in his brutally straightforward style “I wanna go home/’cause this is getting old.” As a band that has perpetually pushed the envelope this may be an indication that they are nearing the end of their journey. I certainly hope not.