While Animal Collective reaps the biggest props for constant reinvention the album-by-album mood shifts of Los Angeles-via-Berlin-via-Brooklyn’s Liars are every bit as interesting — if not even more drastic and brave.

With Liars emerging after a short gestation period in the wake of last year’s epic beauty Drum’s Not Dead Liars seem to be looking back to their initial recordings as Williamsburgh dance punks albeit mixed with the knowledge and surprise muso capabilities revealed on their subsequent albums.

Whereas Drum ended with the elegiac “The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack” and its faithful refrain of “I won’t run far/I can always be found/If you want me to stay” Liars ’ “Plaster Casts of Everything” opens the proceedings with an amped-up bang and the shouted falsetto chorus “I want to run away/I want to run away/I want to take you too.” “Freak Out” lives up to its rock ’n’ roll title while “Protection” fades out on buzzing keyboards simplistic drum machine patterns and Angus Andrew’s multi-tracked sighs.

While Drum ’s primary focus remained on its percussive namesake Liars expands the group’s palette to include synths and a focus on razor-sharp guitarwork (though the guitars are just as often blurred textures as they are a lead instrument). In a continually shifting discography Liars settles as if not the group’s most surprising work most certainly one of its best and brilliantly succeeds in giving no indication whatsoever where they’re headed next.