Christmas Child reaches millions

Re: “‘Operation Christian Child’ faces scrutiny” by Jeremy Klaszus News November 8-14 2007.

Every year I expect to see the Operation Christmas Child boxes available for my family to pick up and fill with various items intended for a young boy or girl in one of any number of Third World countries. And every year I expect to hear a number of people complaining about the program and its religious affiliation. While I expect these things to happen it never fails to amaze me how many people oppose this very beneficial program because of its Christian affiliation. Well I say to these people get over it! This program delivers much-needed basic supplies; pencils crayons writing pads hygienic items even a few toys to children who would otherwise have absolutely no way of receiving these things. Yes it is a Christian program and yes it contains Christian literature but hey it is run by a large and very successful Christian organization that distributes these boxes to millions of kids… I repeat millions of kids.

It seems a few of the EMS volunteers are opposed to helping gather the boxes but the article seems to indicate that participation is voluntary. If they oppose Christian organizations they should be able to opt out of the program on an individual basis. But I do put forward this question to those same critics: Do you have a better solution to get these supplies to millions of kids each and every year in any number of war-torn countries? If so then let’s get behind that program as well but let’s not dismiss the obvious good this program has done for many years. I know my family gets very excited at being able to share even just a little bit of the small things we take for granted with some child who doesn’t.

Bob Lee