Weighing in on Bodybuilding review

I have just had the opportunity to read your review of the film The Bodybuilder and I that was made narrated and directed by my son Bryan. You have clearly failed to understand the impact this film has on parents and children who have fractured relationships. I can tell you — not that you have any interest — that I have heard from many fathers and from many sons that Bryan’s film was a catalyst for positive renewal of their relationships.

Needless to say your overarching concern with the least important aspect of this film (bodybuilding) clearly demonstrates an inability to comprehend beyond the obvious. I am sorry that the sight of men who have chosen to sculpt their bodies through extensive and at times difficult physical exercise troubles you. I am not concerned with the colourful language that you chose to describe me. Your perception is hardly relevant. What I resent however is your insinuation that steroids were used by me or for that matter any of the other competitors. Nothing could be further from the truth. You had absolutely no basis for such an insinuation. Moreover the competition took place in Toronto not Florida. But I suspect that you are not interested in what is factual or for that matter any analysis that might require a modicum of thought.

Bill Friedman