Liberals would cut tuition by almost $1000

Alberta post-secondary students will save almost $1000 each year if the Liberals are elected to government party leader Kevin Taft announced February 15.

Taft says his government would lower tuition and replace the money by directly giving it to the schools and would also create an annual $300 grant for post-secondary students to cover textbooks and other necessities. “This is one of our top priorities” says Taft adding his party would move control over tuition increases back into the legislature. The Liberals say they would also reduce interest rates on provincial student loans and increase part-time earning limits.

The Conservatives announced February 18 that they would increase student loan living allowances and student loan limits. The party also says it would reduce student loan interest rates. The Conservative plan doesn’t include tuition cuts. “Our plan addresses the challenges Alberta’s 146000 students face” says leader Ed Stelmach.

The NDP says it would cut tuition to 1999/2000 levels and fund a tuition freeze afterwards. The Green Party says it would “commit to having the lowest tuitions of any province in Canada.”