Evangelista – Hello Voyager


Though the second release for New York-born Carla Bozulich on Constellation Records Hello Voyager her first under the new moniker Evangelista. Bozulich’s first record for Constellation was released under her own name in 2006 with the album title Evangelista. That title evolved into the band’s name featuring Bozulich and a myriad of musicians. While it may cause some confusion the new name also brings with it a batch of more stylistically complex tracks — ranging from songs with structured harmonies and verses to others that are hauntingly chaotic and bizarre. Hello Voyager consists of layered frequencies string instruments guitars and crashing inanimate objects which make themselves at home on every track while Bozulich’s unique vocals act as a common thread stitching the album together. Framed by the familiar concept of travel Voyager endeavours to take its listeners into a world of self-actualization.

Bozulich’s sung and spoken lyrics are raw and confrontational. On the 12-minute title track she asks “What don’t you want people to see? This is me on a corner shaking. Me with a spike in your arm.” Yet in a song like “Blue Room” she is able to offer up surprisingly vulnerable lyrics like “my hands aren’t fit to pray today/ Willing but unable to come out and play.” The range and diversity on display is not for the faint of heart or for the easy listener.