Water damage causes complacency

There is something about Alberta that changes people. When they move here they care about family community the environment and especially the future of their children. Six months go by and their kids are ripping up pristine stream beads with ATVs they let their monster trucks idle while shopping at the 7-Eleven and happily agree in private circles that sacrificing the land and the air and the water for the opportunity to purchase bigger and bigger astonishingly ugly houses on wildlife corridors is a good idea. Their complacency is so complete that they don’t vote at all. As a result we have a government made up of the same good old boys good old girls and longtime oil-sector groupies with an even larger talent for ignoring the inevitable.

Are Albertans asleep? Are they stupid? When you ask people about long-term implications of this boom there are no words just the grinding sound of stone against stone. I used to think there was something bad in the air that caused brain damage. But while decalcifying my kettle for the second time in a year it hit me. Alberta is famous for the high calcium content of its water. How else to explain the proliferation of so many creaking fossilized brains? So this is my advice to those who want to maintain functioning minds while living in Alberta: Don’t drink the water.

Linda Leon