Firewind – The Premonition

Century Media

How scary is it when you’ve spent your life demeaning a particular musical genre and then a band comes out with 10 tracks that make you want to take it all back? Quite scary thank you very much. Yet thanks to Firewind it might be time to taste some toe jam. Dynamic and prodigious The Premonition spells a new era for both Firewind and their beloved power-metal genre with its epic feast of scorching guitar rhythms positive lyrics and a powerfully frenzied drive.

Tracks such as “Into the Fire” “Mercenary Man” and “Circle of Life” flip from aggressive dominant slabs of metal to intricate almost untouchably delicate and elegant orchestrations. Yet unlike their contemporaries — or past albums for that matter — on The Premonition Firewind manage to retain an overall enthusiasm and energy with each wailing solo emotive chorus or bombastic double-time beat that ensures the entirety of this affair is uncompromising and infectious as opposed to being mired in some sort of Dungeons and Dragons mythology or heated attempts at impressing each other with their abilities. If this keeps up power metal may actually manage to shed its incredibly geeky exterior. And that is the scariest point of all.