The Burnettes – Nothing Ever Happens Here

Go Rock Records

The Burnettes have perfected imperfection. The buzz saw guitar tones the sloppy solos and the warm electrical hum that pervade the whole of Nothing Ever Happens Here prove that feeling and energy have more to do with making a good record than technical precision. “All My Time” takes lead-heavy riffs and buries the vocals. “Arhythmic Heart” turns a ’50s prom ballad into a jangly heartbreaker (working even with a steel drum solo). Then “Small Factory in the Valley” shimmers with sincerity vibrato and whacked-out pedal effects. Chugging their way through hypnotic laments The Burnettes effortlessly recall the glory of mid-’90s slacker rock without sounding dated. Bringing bluesy delivery to an indie sensibility this is a whole new generation of electric white-boy blues.