Lay off the seals and hold the lattes

Re: “Voracious predator seals not cutesy-poo” by Mike Brennan Letters April 24-30 2008.

It’s rather ironic reading this letter response of Brennan’s to those who would oppose the slaughter of the East Coast seals. The anthropomorphism he criticizes (as popularized by that “Nazi sympathizer” Walt Disney) came into being as a result of the anthropocentric attitudes Brennan himself perpetuates.

Citing Wikipedia as a legitimate source of all things hardly bolsters his position that the seals somehow have no right to forage within their own environments. Again given that seals do not have other facilities available to them to shit into that they do so in their own habitat is scarcely something for us to carp over. After all the amount of human effluvia that makes its way into the habitats of non-humans is scarcely something to be proud of.

Should we not be trying to bring balance to our own kind — something we do have a responsibility to do for the sake of the entire planet’s current and future well-being?

This has nothing to do with “cutesy-poo” anthropomorphism. All animal species have far more similarities than differences among them. It does have everything to do with the anthropocentric mentality of those like Brennan who don’t give a shit for the world — preferring to denigrate those who do actually set about protecting those with whom we share it and taking responsibility for our actions.

Oh incidentally I don’t drink lattes.

Michael Alvarez-Toye