No No Zero – Rough Stuff

Signed by Force

Taking teenage angst to the next level Pius Priapus the twisted psyche behind No No Zero has little regard for subtlety as he gleefully indulges in one sinful preoccupation after another. Exploding out of the gate with the jaw-dropping “Beat the Shit Out of Me” and the equally urgent “Why Won’t You Let Me Fuck You?” Rough Stuff is the multimedia mastermind’s first non-vinyl recording effort. Here Priapus changes up his methods in the interest of increased public exposure leading guitarists Mr. & Mrs. Stabris Zak Hanna Catl and the rest of his Toronto-based ensemble on a wild acoustic goose chase that tramples personal modesty and leaves musical convention in its wake.

Wallowing through the sonic mire the nine-piece-plus collective presents its fantastical vision of what happens when a quiet librarian writes a concept album all about sex. Confusingly the track “Full Release” arrives early only three songs in only to be followed hard upon by the B-52’s inspired dirge “Screw” the underhanded “Ass Commando” and the vibralicious standout “She Jerks.” Breaking out the ’50s-inspired beats with a blues-rock edge No No Zero easily flows between positions and techniques injecting each of their 16 songs with an irrepressible sexual energy that will leave you craving more.