Old 97’s – Blame it on Gravity


The Old 97’s are an amazing live band. Really — it’s impossible to understand the allure of alt-country rock until you’ve seen a band of their calibre play. That said everytime they put out an album it’s impossible not to compare their studio work to the raucous fervour of their live show and of course they always fall a bit short.

Not too short thankfully. Blame It On Gravity the Texas band’s first album in nearly four years continutes the 97’s tendency to mix full-on country-rock stompers with more polished grown-up pop songs. The album has a good balance of the two which will either serve to aggravate or please fans depending on how attached they are to the band’s aforementioned reputation as a live act. Singer Rhett Miller’s lyrics are characteristically literary and while his words can come off as too much of a mouthful they add an extra element of interest to some of his otherwise straight-up pop songs. This is what we’ve come to expect from the 97’s in the studio and while it may not be as memorable as the live experience you’ve got to be thankful for anything that gives this band an excuse to pack up and get out on the road.