The wild adventures of bangers and mash

I might have found my new watering hole — Jameson’s Irish Pub in the northeast corner of the Superstore lot on 36th St. N.E. (formerly a Red Robin burger joint).

Flying solo on this one I decided to head down on a Sunday afternoon not really knowing what to expect. I figured that Jameson’s would serve standard pub fare but I was hoping for more. Pub food is hard to mess up but it’s also hard to excel at it. As it turned out I was in luck.

A fair amount of money has been spent on designing and decorating the place. It’s a beautifully adorned room rich with dark woods. It has booths tables and a decent sized bar that you can belly up to if that’s your seating preference. There are about a million TVs in the room which is a great thing for sports fans. Once I grabbed my seat without turning my head I could see four-and-a-half screens.

The daily specials are intriguing enough to turn a casual customer into a frequent visitor. Throughout the week Jameson’s offers cheap eats like mini-burgers mini-Yorkshire puddings wings and all-you-can-eat fish and chips. Sunday’s special is a pound of chicken wings for $4.99. Being a self-proclaimed wing enthusiast (I’ve been to Anchor Bar in Buffalo N.Y. birthplace of the chicken wing several times) I figured I’d better give them a shot. I opted for the Jameson’s barbecue and anxiously waited while watching golf and soccer highlights. Well the wings themselves were decent but the barbecue sauce was beyond my expectations. Kicked up with Irish whisky it was both sweet and spicy but it’s the whisky that brings the sauce to completion with its strong undertones.

For my main dish I had the bangers and mash ($11.95). My plate arrived with three decent-sized domes of mashed potatoes a complement of fresh grilled veggies and two Spolumbo’s sausages. The choice of Spolumbo’s was a nice touch giving a local angle to an international dish. The mashed potatoes were creamy and well seasoned smothered in earthy mushroomy gravy. The fact that I’m dedicating more than one sentence to it is testament to how remarkable this gravy was. More often than not gravy is an afterthought in the kitchen but this is not the case at Jameson’s.

The sausages themselves were well cooked with a dark but not too dark casing and a moist and tasty interior. Topped with grilled onions and mushrooms they were also covered in the same superb gravy as the mashed taters. Overall I was impressed with both the finger foods and my main dish. If Irish favourites aren’t your thing there are wraps pizzas and the aforementioned daily specials to please your palate.

Now that summer has finally arrived there is also a patio with a phenomenal view of both the Superstore gas station and liquor store. A few cold ones some good company and some of Jameson’s fine food will overcome this scenic challenge though.

Lastly if you’re into the ongoing Euro 2008 UEFA tournament Jameson’s is showing every single game in high definition as well as the UFC fights and pretty much every other major sporting event.

Jameson’s Pub is located at 3575 20 Ave. N.E.; phone 403-285-1608.