Chili Club Thai House brings the spice that makes it oh-so-nice

Chili Club Thai House is an intimate establishment tucked behind Singapore Sam’s on 11th Ave. and Fifth St. S.W. with great dishes and friendly staff. Decorated in dark hues of rust and gold the space can accommodate about 50 people. I visited with a group of friends on a sunny Thursday night and by 6:30 it was nearly full.

We eased into our spicy meal with a slightly mild dish the coconut spring rolls ($7). Similar to basic veggie spring rolls they incorporated large slivers of coconut. Served with a light sauce the crunchy rolls were tasty but we noted that you wouldn’t want to eat too many due to the powerful flavour of the coconut.

Our next dish had a little more kick. The shrimp cakes ($12) had an omelet-like texture and were quite spicy. To balance the heat they were served with a side of sweet-and-sour dipping sauce.

It took awhile for our mains to arrive at the table but we appreciated the fact that our server informed us that the dishes were going to take a little longer. The nice thing was that all of our mains arrived at once. Scooping fluffy coconut rice onto a lovely plate I started with the ginger chicken ($15). Accompanied by asparagus it was a lovely dish packed with tasty ginger goodness.

Moving around the plate I tried the piquant green shrimp curry ($16). On the menu Chili Club Thai House uses pepper symbols to denote the spiciness of each dish. This particular curry had the highest amount of peppers (three) which translates to “Holy $#@% that’s HOT” on the menu legend. Hot it was prompting me to guzzle my water and take down a few extra bites of rice.

Moving on to some less-spicy fare we had the pad thai ($13) and the lemon pepper veggie curry ($13). The pad thai was fairly average. Made with a sweet chili paste it was sweeter than most pad thais I’ve had.

The lemon pepper vegetable curry was also interesting. The seasoning had a remarkable effect on the veggies — one of my friends noted that the taste was similar to all-dressed potato chips.

Topping off our experience our server brought us small bowls of complementary coconut ice cream and fresh fruit. It was a nice touch at the end of a sizzling meal.

My only complaint with Chili Club Thai House is that the dishes are a tad high-priced considering the portions. Having said this based on the quality of its freshly prepared food and friendly staff I definitely intend to visit again.

Chili Club Thai House is located at 125 555 11th Ave. S.W.; phone 237-8828.