Alice Cooper – Along Came a Spider


Critics are quick to compare new Alice Cooper albums to his previous successes. With his last few albums The Coop has clawed to get back to the days of Love It to Death and appeal to his longtime fans. It never works though ’cause you can’t revisit the past.

Or can you? With Along Came a Spider Cooper sheds the loose rock ’n’ roll and gets back to what he really knows: crystal-clear catchy tunes with an incredibly eerie twist. Album number 25 Along Came a Spider is a concept effort telling the tale of Spider an “arachnophobic psychopath.”

The result is Cooper’s best release in two decades. Cryptic creepy and catchy the hook-laden choruses and sinister subtext make for 11 powerfully groove-laden tracks. There’s a pervading sense of comfort on Along Came a Spider that makes it instantly appealing. Drawing on the darkness that made Welcome to My Nightmare Constrictor and Raise Your Fist and Yell such brilliant opuses while maintaining the crisp production and radio-friendliness that defined his ’90s work — without the lame social commentary — Along Came a Spider is refreshingly tight haunting and captivating.