DAVID VANDERVELDE – Waiting For The Sunrise

Secretly Canadian

• Leaving the moonstation for the far less exciting Earth.

With his two 2007 releases debut LP The Moonstation House Band and its follow-up EP Nothin’ No David Vandervelde offered up a fun and impressively fully formed glam and folk rock sound wearing the influence of Marc Bolan proudly on his frilly sleeve. His vocal aping of the T. Rex main man may have been a bit too obvious and over the top in places but it still resulted in a decent number of well-produced winners for those who had worn out their copies of Electric Warrior and The Slider .

Waiting for the Sunrise comes as a bit of a surprise then in that Vandervelde seems to have the ditched the cosmic approach for a new sonic esthetic that straddles the line between laid-back roots rock and unfortunately schmaltzy adult contemporary. There are still some interesting studio tricks here like the echoed vocals of opener "I Will Be Fine" and the organ flourishes of the standout six-minute track "Someone Like You" but it’s all glossed over with the wrong kind of radio-ready polish which keeps it sadly grounded.