This year the ads for the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) that ran prior to screenings fell far short of my expectations. I usually come to expect intelligent and politically savvy ads from the CIFF. Terribly unfunny and stupid these new ads supported an ignorant view of the world that does not need encouragement.

The ads in question consisted of scenes from foreign films accompanied by English subtitles that did not correspond to what the individuals were saying. In one ad the subtitles were intended to insult a western audience with phrases such as “capitalist pigs” and “cow eaters.” The very serious implication being that what they were saying didn’t matter because what we hear is that they (non-specific easterners) hate us (westerners) for being who we are.

In the past I’ve been thrilled by some of the unique films I’ve seen at the CIFF that introduced me to new cultures languages and ways of life. I hope this year’s ads aren’t an indication of where the festival is heading. If so I’ll have to reconsider whether or not I want to attend in the future.

Meagan Kelln