The Delicious – The Delicious The Delicious

Joyful Noise

On the surface The Delicious’s doubly self-titled debut album doesn’t sound like much more than a love letter to ’90s college rock. Its musicianship sounds loose and thrown together singer David Woodruff’s vocals are flat and his lyrics are at times too cute. It seems like The Delicious are just four dudes who wish they could have been in Pavement.

After a couple of listens though The Delicious The Delicious reveals that it isn’t nearly as ramshackle as it initially appears. The band’s seemingly slack songs are built upon misleadingly sophisticated structures complete with myriad sonic shifts and tempo changes. “Suspended in Air” could pass for a song left off of Weezer’s Blue Album because it was too complex. “Separated at Birth” cycles through a new movement practically every 20 seconds without ever becoming disjointed. “It’s Not Time to Die” would be a math-rock song if not for the persistent handclaps.

What’s even more impressive than the band’s musical chops though is that they manage to show them off throughout the album without ever sounding like they’re showing off. Despite all of its complexities The Delicious The Delicious is still an album that worships ’90s college rock. It just happens to be really good as well.