This stepchild delivers

All of a sudden it donned on me I was in a really good mood. Perhaps it was because the sun was out and the outside temperature had popped above zero. Maybe it was because I scored a Monday off from my day job. While I’m sure that both of these factors helped the real reason behind my sudden uplift in sprit was the late-afternoon lunch I had just enjoyed at Redheads Bagel Café.

Located on 11th Ave. S.W. this café is the red-headed stepchild of The Daily Bagel located in the Calgary Farmers’ Market. Like its parent outfit Redheads specializes in Montreal-style bagels and smoked meat Winnipeg cream cheeses and Atlantic smoked salmon.

The bagels are baked fresh daily and the flavoured cream cheeses are blended by hand. Redheads has also carefully chosen its suppliers. The only brand of coffee offered is organic free-trade Kicking Horse and the smoked salmon is brought in bi-weekly from New Brunswick.

I opted for a breakfast selection ordering the smoked salmon ($8.99) and a coffee ($2). After paying I was advised my food would be brought out and that I could help myself to one of two varieties of Kicking Horse: dark roasted Kick Ass or medium roast Three Sisters. With a full mug of Kick Ass in tow I settled in popped open my laptop and anxiously awaited my food as I used the café’s free Wi-Fi — a nice bonus.

My food arrived quickly — a halved plain toasted bagel topped with cream cheese two poached eggs a handful of red onion slivers and the classic pairing of smoked salmon and capers. Two slices of tomato and cucumber served as a simple and fresh garnish.

The ratio of ingredients was near perfect. Each bite featured all of the individual toppings resulting in bite after bite of pure awesomeness. The bagel was properly toasted with a crunchy exterior yet remaining chewy and dense on the inside.

I did have one regret but only realized it the next morning at breakfast: I should have ordered bagels to go. There are lots of choices such as sesame poppy onion cinnamon raisin pumpernickel sun-dried tomato and vanilla nut. I won’t make this mistake the next time plus I still need to try the Montreal smoked meat bagel.

Redheads Bagel Café 105-638 11th Ave. S.W. 403-532-0600.