SXSW. Mecca for music nerds. Four days 1800 bands and so much free BBQ (and booze) that you just don’t know what to do with yourself. Yes it’s that time of year again and once more FFWD’s following as much of the action as can reasonably be expected from two guys in a crowd of thousands.

The music portion of the fesival doesn’t kick off until today but there were still a handful of shows last night so we swung by Ms. Bea’s to check out Daniel Francis Doyle and Expensive Shit. Doyle plays crazy-intricate guitar loops before adding in Hella-style drums and mostly unintelligible vocals — that description makes it sound like a bit of a mess but it’s actually pretty badass. After that insanely complex one-man-band the 8-piece Expensive Shit (4 percussionists 3 guitars and lap steel) took the stage and made a swirling mess of noisey… noise. The rhythms were interesting granted and it was undenyably loud but you’d think they could do something a little more fullfilling with such a huge line-ups.

Still between a 75-cent bus ride from the airport to the hotel gorgeous weather and a vendor giving away free ice cream sandwiches Austin’s already won me over in short order. Wednesday means a speech from Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker performances from Marnie Stern Wavves and The Thermals and who knows what else. Can’t wait.