Wildrose Alliance’s Hinman to step down in June

Outgoing leader believes MLA-less party can knock out Tories

Paul Hinman plans to step down as Wildrose Alliance party leader in June to make way for a leadership race he says will “produce the next premier of the province.”

Hinman was the party’s first and only MLA but last year he lost his Cardston-Taber-Warner seat to the Conservatives leaving his party without any legislature representation. Still the southern Alberta farmer is hopeful that his party can knock out the Conservative dynasty. “This party is just ripe and rotten” he says. “And it needs to be replaced.”

Premier Ed Stelmach didn’t say much when asked about Hinman’s resignation. “I wish him all the best” said Stelmach. “He was a member of the assembly for one term and served his constituency well. It was a close election but we won that constituency back [in the last election].” When asked about Hinman’s suggestion that the next Wildrose leader will be the next premier Stelmach said: “I think that’s what the Liberals said as well.”