Burger Hunt – Wendy’s

Wendy’s Stack Attack fails

Burger : Wendy’s Stack Attack double cheeseburger ($4.49 with a drink and a side dish) consists of a greasy bun two “patties” a slice of cheddar cheese ketchup and mayo. Honestly it didn’t really taste like anything. It was incredibly bland and left me completely unsatisfied. Despite the moniker of double cheeseburger the two miniature patties didn’t even add up to one regular-sized piece of meat.

Sides : Mandarin oranges fries chili strawberry yogurt side salad or Caesar salad

Atmosphere : Umm… It’s Wendy’s…

Menu : Typical fast food but with innovative sides like mandarin oranges they keep it fresh. They also have what I think are the worst fries of any of the major fast food chains so it’s a good thing there are other options.

Decision : Wendy’s has some good burgers but this is not one of them. The side of chili I ordered was a saving grace and the only enjoyable part of the meal. Hands down this is the worst burger to date. It was an epic fail. Even when factoring in the low price you cannot justify this monstrosity. This is absolutely not the best burger in Calgary or anywhere else.

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