Concert security needs to chill

Sitting in the first row of blues at the Killers concert I saw security in the Saddledome using what looked like excessive force to handle people. I remember seeing countless take downs of single concert goers by multiple security guys and even one tiny little girl getting her arm jerked repeatedly by a 220-plus security dude that ran to catch her going back into her seating area from the floor area. Multiple concert goers came to her aid and convinced the security guard to let go of the girl. What I don’t recall is any warning on Ticketmaster’s site in the three minutes allowed to check out your order which would indicate that individuals wearing security shirts and possibly making less money than your ticket costs could assault you whenever they feel you were not responding to them properly.

Granted sometimes it is necessary to remove people from the Saddledome when they have been over-served by that same venue or if they are just plain idiots. But at the end of the day if it is not okay for the police to use excessive force when dealing with criminals why is it OK for security people in the Saddledome to do the same to people that paid to be there and are trying to enjoy the show?