Burger Hunt – Kane’s Harley Diner

Burger : The Springer burger – An eight-ounce handmade Alberta beef burger with sautéed mushrooms three slices of bacon lettuce tomato pickles onions and mayo ($10.50) on an untoasted bun. I added cheddar (99 cents) upgraded my fries to poutine (an additional $2.25) and sampled the root beer milkshake ($5.50).

Sides : Fries soup salad coleslaw Caesar salad or onion rings.

Atmosphere : A ’50s-themed Harley Davidson diner decorated in oranges and blacks complete with retro booths a jukebox and records on the walls.

Menu : Diner fare with everything from milkshakes to fried bologna sandwiches to an Elvis-style grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. The menu features a Fat Boy burger: a pound of meat on a homemade bun topped with sautéed mushrooms and cheddar cheese ($18 on its own or $22 with a milkshake).

Decision : I wimped out and ended up creating a miniature version of the Fat Boy by adding cheese to the Springer burger. That said the burger was fantastic. The classic toppings worked perfectly with the bacon and cheese which accented the real beef burger. I cannot say it enough times that pre-formed burgers while they may be time savers in the kitchen are not the way to go. A few hours after eating at Kane’s and despite still feeling full I had the urge to head back. Score one for the local non-franchised burger joint.