Hanne Hukkelberg – Blood From a Stone


Norwegian singer embraces pop without sacrificing character.

The third full-length release from Norwegian singer-songwriter Hanne Hukkelberg supposedly draws influence from her previous years playing in a metal band and a slew of post-punk outfits. It is hard to discern any of the metal influences but the guitars sometimes do have that Wire-y jarring post-punk effect. Field recordings of trains seagulls clogs and rocks are strewn throughout the record and the instruments are tuned purely by ear — there’s no digital perfection to be found here.

Hukkelberg’s previous efforts sounded a little too precious and stripped down but her vocal style was always enough to hook the listener. Blood From a Stone has more punch but lacks the vocal range Hukkelberg is capable of. Even though she toned things down to make a pop album it’s one of the most interesting pop efforts to come out in a long time.