Peaches – I Feel Cream


Electro-diva and stage whore extraordinaire Peaches rocks her mangina old-school.

Tuning out the guitar-driven muff-rock that dominated her previous release Impeach My Bush the intrepid showstopper Peaches takes erotic disco to the next level on her fifth album. This digital devolution comes in part thanks to co-producers Soulwax Drums of Death Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism as well as guest vocalists Shunda K. and Yo Majesty who lend their bling-bling cred to the sassy “Billionaire.” Drum and bass overtures strut to the forefront in vinyl hip boots as M.I.A.-inspired blowouts such as the sex-soaked “Serpentine” and equally wanton “Take You On” lead this hot pink pussy parade down Broadway. Clear-cut and cocksure I Feel Cream cruises the streets like a satin-clad cougar on the prowl. Piercing the veil of 1980s chic with the fragile title track and starry-eyed lament “Lose You” she quickly changes stances to deliver a real raw Peach-around reach-around of the highest order on “Trick or Treat” and the booty-shakin’ “Mommy Complex.”