Shut. Down. Everything!

I don’t care what you’re doing stop doing it right now and go watch the new trailer for Mass Effect 2 . I’m particularly fond of the sequence that starts at 0:47 where we see Commander Shepard pwn his foe with all kinds of plasma cannon THEN we see an Asari drop down from above to snap the neck of some unsuspecting bystander. Big up to buddy Paul for sending this my way and totally killing my productivity.

It’s hard to find time for video games these days but the original Mass Effect was one of the best I’ve ever played in spite of oh-so-many flaws. The sequel looks to be even better! Watch for it in early 2010.

And now I will attempt to EMBED the video. Wish me luck…

Video Games | Mass Effect 2 | E3 09: Exclusive Teaser

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