Drag me… to the movie theatre!

You see what I did there? Oh shut up you’re no fun.

Anyhow I’ve just returned from seeing Drag me to hell with the lil’ lady (and uh this other guy) and I’ve got to say I enjoyed it quite a lot! If you’re regrettably both uninformed and too lazy to visit IMDB DMTH is Sam Raimi’s latest effort a lovably schlocky horror film that is–and it’s very open about this–basically just Evil Dead 4 .

Now if you’re thinking of checking out the trailer before you go don’t. Some bozo in the marketing department decided to sell the film as the latest Saw alike nothing but fetishized violence and base body horror… But well that is kind of accurate actually. What elevates it I think is that it’s a film that very much knows it’s nothing but hours of fetishized violence and base body horror and it’s very comfortable just being what it is. What I mean by that is a woman would never comically spew a jet of blood that just spontaneously burst from her nose all over her boss in a Saw alike. Or maybe she would but we’d be expected to JUDGE her for it because it’s a metaphor for her capitalist overindulgence or something. If nothing else DMTH is unpretentious.

Now I’m not normally one for horror movies of this type which is probably part of the reason why I’m excited by it. I’ve just got as the kids say mad respect for films that are comfortable in their own skin. It’s like when against your sober judgment you thought that chubby girl was just "slammin’" when she was "shaking it" in those "jeans that were probably a bit too tight on her." Which is why it’s appropriate I guess that DMTH has "ham" written all over it from the schmaltzy 80s-era title cards to the gloriously pulpy conclusion.