Burger Hunt – Peter’s Drive In

Peter’s Drive In

Burger : Double cheese consisting of a plain bun ketchup two patties one slice of cheese diced onions relish and mustard ($4.20).

Sides : Small fries large fries and onion rings.

Atmosphere : You can only order via the drive-thru (they’re busy enough to accommodate two lanes) or the walk-up window. Peters’ has been in business for more than 40 years and has become an important part of Calgary’s identity. I’m guessing that Peters’ will still be here for another 40 years. The place reeks of nostalgia in a really good way. They’re cash-only so keep that in mind before heading down.

Menu : Just the basics. Burgers come with or without cheese in a variety of one two or three patties. There are also hot dogs again with or without cheese. Sundaes and ice cream treats are also featured but the milkshakes are the real treat. There are 30 options available and you can mix up to three at a time resulting in over 4500 options. To put it into perspective it would take you more than 12 years to try them all if you slurped a different one each day.

Decision : Peters’ recently won the Fast Forward Weekly Best of Calgary award for the best burger in Calgary. While I’m not quite prepared to crown them with that title the eatery makes a good burger. The double cheese is well proportioned in regards to the all-important meat-to-bun ratio. My only real complaint is how messy they are. When you open the foil wrapper more often than not the ketchup is splattered everywhere. Despite that the burgers are a great value.

Next week’s Burger Hunt will be the Unicorn burger at The Unicorn 304 8th Ave. S.W.

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