Amazon.com: The Ministry of Love?

(With a nod to Lindsey Wallis for the story and Patrick Boyle for the headline)

Amazon.com may have just overstepped some lines. According to some online sources the site under pressure from a publisher who no longer wanted their books to exist in electronic form deleted the works of a particular author from all of the Kindles of people who had legally purchased them.

Yep folks went through legal channels to download books under the assumption that they now owned the book and could read it whenever they wanted. At least Amazon gave them a store credit in place of the book but in some views this is tantamount to a Chapters employee coming into your house and taking back a book from your shelf. Thinking that it’s different shows a clear lack of understanding of the way technology is developing. If you think you can take it less seriously just because there’s no physical copy how can you expect folks to ever embrace the digital marketplace?

It’s also yet another reason for people to turn to piracy. Anyone who illegally downloaded the books would still have them. Only the suckers (er… early adopters) who are trying to embrace a developing technology got the shaft here.

Best of all: the author whose works were pulled? George Orwell.