Burger Hunt – Peter Lougheed Hospital

The Setup : While at Peter Lougheed for the birth of our daughter I worked up an appetite and went hunting for a burger. I mean who knows where you might find a good burger right? As it turned out there are two different cafés right across from each other: The Market Café and General Café. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger at both.

Burgers : Both came on toasted buns with lettuce tomatoes onions and mayo. Relish mustard and ketchup were also available in packets but I couldn’t be bothered to add them. The Market Café’s cost: $5.55. The General Café: $5.40.

Sides : Fries and onion rings. The fries at the General’s were noted as “Gold’n Crisp Baked Fries.”

Atmosphere : A prototypical drab hospital cafeteria. The innards of the Market Café are nicer and more modern than the General’s.

Menu : For the most part the food is not very good. I am reasonably sure there’s a plot to serve nasty food in the hospital in an effort to bring you back in again — as a patient — as soon as possible. To be fair there are “healthful” options but in my opinion the right thing to do would be to revamp the whole operation altogether.

Decision : For the Market burger the accoutrements were fine but the bland tasteless skimpy patty was a giant loser. This was not a good burger. While the General’s burger was the “winner” of the two I would not go so far as to say it was good. It had a better patty that was also pre-formed but at the very least it had some flavour. The quarter spear of dill pickle that came with it was actually the high point of both burgers. Skip the cafeteria and eat elsewhere wife in delivery or not.

Next week’s burger hunt will be Mercury Lounge 101-550 17 Ave. S.W.

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