Ald. Pincott on opening up city data

 Yesterday at the folk fest I accosted Ald. Brian Pincott and chatted with him about his and Ald. Ceci’s motion to make city data more accessible:

The motion goes before council Monday. Here’s the full text:

N M2009-July 14



WHEREAS Calgary is a well-connected on line community with 92% of Calgarians being Internet users;

AND WHEREAS this community profile leads to high citizen expectations and demand for online service delivery;

AND WHEREAS 89% of Calgarians support The City’s efforts to enhance resources information and services via the Internet;

AND WHEREAS in the 2009-2011 Council Priorities document Council has made a commitment to increase on – line citizen services;

AND WHEREAS other Canadian municipalities have recently made commitments to provide greater public access to civic data for the benefit of citizens business suppliers community and social organizations;

AND WHEREAS The City of Calgary has had success in implementing open source solutions for our technology infrastructure;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Administration prepare a report outlining an overall strategy and to present it to the SPC on Finance and Corporate Services no later than 2009 December and that the report include:

  • Identification of opportunities to make more of The City’s data open and accessible while respecting privacy and security concerns and ensuring that data is available through use of open standards interfaces and formats
  • Development of an integrated information lifecycle management policy
  • Increased opportunities for on-line citizen participation Increased City services on – line
  • A policy on the use procurement and support of open source technologies going forward
  • Integration with Webwave and egovernment programs
  • An implementation schedule and any associated costs