Audio from council debate on open data

City council has given the green light to a motion intended to make city data more accessible.

While most aldermen were supportive of the idea aldermen Joe Connelly and Andre Chabot weren’t keen and voted against the motion . Connelly is worried making city data more accessible makes the city vulnerable. The risk he suggested may not be worth the reward.

"No one has come to me and said ‘We need greater access to your files" Connelly told council.

Here’s the audio of Connelly outlining his concerns followed by a bit of city manager Owen Tobert’s response:

And then Andre Chabot got up and spoke his piece. Like Connelly he doesn’t seem to think it’s very important for the public to have access to city information. "I only see a select few individuals who will actually be able to maximize on this opportunity and potentially profit from it so I’m not going to support it" he said.

Here’s a clip of Chabot making his case against the motion. He begins by asking a question of Tobert.

Ald. Joe Ceci then responds to Chabot’s concerns. (The motion was brought forward by Ceci and Ald. Brian Pincott.)

City administration will prepare a report on an open information strategy and present it to a council committee by December.