Folk Fest 2009 Interviews: Bell Orchestre

Someone suggested that I should post the interviews I did at Folk Fest this weekend as individual entries instead of burying them in 1000-word missives so here goes! The clips are still embedded in their original spots but this should make them easier to stumble upon.

¬†After Bell Orchestre ‘s set I sat down with two band members on the shore of the mighty Bow for a quick chat. When I started the tape french horn player Pietro Amato was comparing the Orchestre to his other band Torngat who are equally awesome and played at last year’s fest. Soon afterwards we were joined by the enthusiastic Kaveh Nabatian who plays trumpet for the band. We talked about the pros and cons of playing at festivals like this one the future of the band and their decision to cover Bucephalus Bouncing Ball a high-BPM electronic track from the mid-90s by Aphex Twin . Check it out!

PS: The volume level jumps significantly after the first 10 seconds or so when I realized the recorder was set to “voice memo” mode.

PPS: Also sorry about the mid-interview interruption. Those back-stage Folk Fest volunteers are just too friendly!!