My Autopsy Artpoint Friday 3:45.

The first show of the Calgary Fringe Festival was a disappointment. But there are some caveats that I should mention: the space was small and hot the sound of trains on the nearby tracks was distracting and I’m not a hippy or a baby boomer.

My Autopsy should be shorter. Much shorter. The writing was good but it encapsulated too much information too quickly. By the end of the show I felt distracted and bewildered.

Hamish Boyd deserves credit for seamlessly talking for 1 hour and 15 minutes but he also deserves a reprimand — enough is enough.

My Autopsy is autobiographical addressing Hamish’s imagination filled youth to his LSD addled teens to his discovery of meditation. By the end when he is in India discovering enlightment I felt like I was meditating myself and tuned out what he was saying.

This may be a good show for those on the hippy side of things or baby boomers that are into spirituality or looking over their former lives. To me this was like looking through a photo album that was far more interesting to the person flipping the pages.

– Drew Anderson