A lot of punks and a few alternatives

Your concert rundown for the week of August 27

Looks like another banner week for punk rockers. This Thursday August 27 Lethbridge’s Myelin Sheaths (featuring members of the recently defunct Endangered Ape) will rock the Palomino with its weird science and science-y weirdness. The band has enlisted the help of local garage-rockers The Sub-Linguals and pop-loving punk trio The Throwaways so expect a thoroughly skuzzy good time. And it’s for a good cause — the Sheaths are apparently hoping to use the show as a springboard to a national tour so the more people who show up the farther away they get to go.

Also on Thursday Bikeland and Dream Horse Spirit will be sharing a bill at The Marquee Room. Neither band is particularly punk in the traditional sense but Bikeland’s stomping psychedelia has at least a trace of the Butthole Surfers to it and Dream Horse Spirit’s catchy synth-pop would’ve fit right in with the new-wave crowd.

Then on Friday August 28 two veteran Winnipeg punk outfits will be hitting The Underground. The Unwanted formed back in ’81 split up five years later and reunited in 2006 for a birthday gig of all things. Also on the bill: Trouser Mouth an 11-year veteran of the punk scene featuring members of SNFU and DOA. If that’s not a good enough pedigree for you nothing would be.

Heading into the weekend Saturday presents a few decidedly non-punk options. The HiFi will host Flosstradamus the Chicago dance duo that just can’t get enough casual satisfaction. At the same time The Palomino will help local rhythm-and-blues outfit The Firm Handshake lay down the grooves at its CD release. And for an early start to your Saturday night there’s always The United Steelworkers of Montreal who (along with Twilight Hotel and Treeline ) are helping kick off the WorldSkills festivities with an early evening set at Olympic Plaza.

Lastly for something entirely different this week will provide two chances to check out Vancouver homofolkie Kate Reid . She’ll be at Money Pennies on Sunday August 30 and then back in Calgary on September 3 for a set at Soda. If you miss that one she’s back again four days later for a CD release at the Ironwood so there’s almost no excuse to miss her.