In a word JJS3 is heavy. The brainchild of Jonas Smith former bass player for Calgary rockers Field Day is wall-to-wall with bone-crushing riffs agonizingly slow rhythms and a respect for the low end of the scale that few musicians have. The sheer mass of this album is nothing short of monolithic and it’s made more impressive knowing that Smith wrote and recorded it all himself during the decade he spent in the isolation of the Yukon.

Taking a slab of ’70s hard rock and filtering it through ’90s grunge JJS3 will grab stoners and metalheads alike. Even more impressive than face-melting solos and eerie vocal harmonies though is the EP’s cohesiveness. All seven tracks work as individual songs or as movements in an epic overarching metal symphony. The first three songs blend seamlessly into one another and the album fades out on the same vocal cue that kicks it all off. The lyrics may be more heavy-handed than heavy but as Smith grinds his way through these seven songs listeners will no doubt be pounded into blissful submission.