Fast Forward? More like Fast Backward

‘It is disgusting that you promote fur fashion’

Re: Fashion off the grid Sept 17-23 2009.

The cover page and fashion article of the September 17 edition are a blight and an offense to human intelligence. Fast Forward ? You should call yourself Fast Backward . It is disgusting that you promote fur fashion and especially a black bear fur with head on your front page.

We are now deep into the third millennium and have created a society that is far past the need to dress in “troglodyte moderne.” For decades now people all across the western world have ostracized those who feel the need to cloak themselves in the hides of murdered animals.

“Indulge your wild side?” Indulge your environmentally insensitive ignorant and irresponsible side is more like it. I once thought that your paper promoted what was beneficial for mankind and our planet. Now it seems that you are just another lackey of the capitalist bourgeoisie. How much did you get for your souls?

Inka Lanser-Liebe