I just finished writing my preview piece about the Deep Dark Woods for next week’s issue. They’re coming through town for a show at the Gateway with Little Miss Higgins who you may remember from a blog post I made aaaaaages ago . This is actually a pretty special occasion because I very seldom submit copy by the actual copy deadline . Because I am a jerk. Of course I think when Peter says "Friday" he means "during business hours on Friday" but whatever. Rules are for squares right?

Anyhow the point of blogging here was that when I was talking to DDW guitarist Burke Barlow (stage name? c’mon… it has to be…) he was absolutely effusive about another Saskatoon band called the Sheepdogs . I decided to cue up their myspace while I was putting the article together and man oh man… Now I really want to see this band! They’ve got all kinds of Skynyrd/Allman/CCR vibes going on but they’re still in their prime as opposed to being mostly dead and/or probably pretty expensive to go see.

Here’s a video. Try to focus on the band being rad otherwise you might fall into a saskdance-induced trance:

OH MAN YES! Hey dudes at the beginning why did you leave? Didn’t you notice that this band is hell of rockin’? Even those two toddlers at the front had it figured out a few minutes into the song. Seriously. Get lives.

So yeah. Let’s all go see the Sheepdogs. Apparently they played a show here recently which was unfortunately off my radar. I won’t make the same mistake next time.

In closing here is another video featuring a very different sort of sheepdog:

Yeah it’s an ad. An awesome ad.