Methadone clinic gets green light from city

Second Choice says it has received ‘outpouring of public support’

After being run out of two separate communities by angry locals a Calgary drug addiction treatment clinic says it has the green light from the city to relocate in the Foothills Industrial Park an area far from residences.

In a written statement Second Chance Clinic lawyer Hugh Ham says the clinic received “an outpouring of public support” after “earlier efforts by some communities and politicians to shut the clinic down failed.”

The clinic was forced to move from its Highland Park location earlier this year when locals noted the clinic violated zoning rules. The clinic then moved to Braeside where angry residents greeted the organization with a fiery community meeting in July.

The new location writes Ham should silence “objections by some aldermen and community associations who failed to appreciate that the clinic operates in essentially the same manner as most doctors’ offices and that its patients require essential medical services in their ongoing fight against addiction.”

Ham also says the clinic won’t store or distribute methadone on-site but at an undisclosed downtown location.