Pastels/Tenniscoats – Two Sunsets

Domino Records

Two Sunsets is a collaboration between The Pastels of Glasgow and Tokyo’s Tenniscoats. Together they have created a swirling ethereal pop album that opens with the tranquil and enchanting "Tokyo Glasgow." When Tenniscoats vocalist Saya begins singing over the light Casio tones of the title track the two bands wipe away any memories the listener might have of newer shoegaze-influenced bands like M83. Rumoured to have been three years in the making Two Sunsets plays like an effortless soundtrack to a bridge between two worlds its spectators gazing longingly at each other from either side. It also marks the first full album of new pop songs from the Pastels since 1997. Hopefully it’s a sign that each of these bands has more up their sleeves.

Two Sunsets was released on CD on September 22 and will be released on vinyl on November 3.